Clinical Psychlogist /Psychotherapist Aysun Aktaş

In 1999 she graduated from 19 Mayis University; the  department of psychology in the faculty of science and Literature.

During the years 2008-2010 she completed the 200 hours of tranining and supervision with success given in the field of “Basic  Principles of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies and using treatment for depression and anxiety disorders “ by Professer Mehmet Zihni Sungur from Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies Association in accordance with the educational behavioral and behavioral therapies union.

She compleded M.A degree in Ar-el Üniversity in İstanbul in 2010 and received the degree of Clinical Psycholog.

In 2016 she acted as formator in a project organized by the head of IST-KA and District of Üsküdar governor with Holland partner; named “Pozitive Behavioral  Development Project “. The certificate of appreciation was given to her by the governor of Üsküdar within the scope of successful completion of the project.

In 2018 she successfully completed the Art Psychotherapy and Rehabilitation program in the faculty of Psychiatry in İstanbul University. Throughout her education,  she has been the executive director of Marbling Art workshop organized for inpatient and outpatient services. Marbling art studies held by participants in the workshops in 2017-2018 were exhibited with other workshop studies on May 2018 at Medical Faculty deanery in İstanbul University.She completed her going  education in the field of psychiatry in İstanbul University with the research on “ the effect of art psychotherapy with marbling painting on the levels of anxiety,depression, hopelessness of individuals which has been diagnosed with Post Travmatic Stress Disorder.

Aysun Aktas generally uses Expressive Art Therapy, Cognitive Behaviorist Therapy, Existential Therapy and Jungian Therapy techniques in pscychotherapy studies. She works and resarches Post Traumatic Stress Disorders,Depression and Anxiety Disorders; the effect of Art Therapy in treatment of psychological problems and psycho- social support with art. She organizes art therapy workshops or groups for adults and child –adolescents and also she makes psychotherapy individually or group therapy.

Her marbling education started in 2016 and she continues her education  at the workshop of Turkish marbling artistYılmaz Eneş. In 2017,she received basic art education lessons from ınstructor Savaş Çevik and for a short term from ınstructor Ayten Pelit. In 2018, she organized a marbling art workshop for University students at Enuygar Art Workshop at İstanbul University.

She got many objective, projective and neuropsychological test education and she uses them in her studies.

Until today, she conducted  seminars in many municipalities and private institutions. Some of them are “ Development of Sexual Identity in Children “ and “Adult Attachment Styles and Closed Relationships” in 2010 at Altunizade Cultural Center  and “Place of Women in Marrige and Communication Between Partners” , “ Pozitive Methods of Changing Behavior” in 2009 at Ümraniye.

She continues to work as founder of  “AN Pshchology” Psychological Development Education  and Counselling Center.

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